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PH Indicators

pH-Fix is the most popular indicator stick for all purposes. The indicator dyes are chemically bound to the cellulose fibres, avoiding bleeding even in strong alkaline samples. Presentation: Box of 100 sticks 6 x 85 mm

The budget priced universal indicator papers can be used for most standard applications. For each pH-value these papers show a single colour which can be matched with the colour scale at an interval of 1 Presentation: Reel of 5 m length and t mm width
M-N 92110pH-Fix 0,14, pH Graduation 1,0
M-N 90201pH-Universal Indicator Paper, pH 1-11, pH Graduation 1,0
M-N 90204pH-Universal Indicator Paper, pH 1-14, pH Graduation 1,0/2,0

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