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BOECO Portable Conductivity - Model CT-480

  • Simultaneous displays conductivity, salinity or TDS with temperature measurementsConvenient one point calibrattion.
  • Calibration data is stored in memory and is ready for use on power up
  • Adjustable TDS coefficient, reference temperature and temperature coefficient
  • Uses one conductivity cell for conductivity, salinity and TDS measurement
  • Accepts 4-wire conductivity cells with k=0,475 cell constant for imroved flexibility and accuracy
  • 50 data set reviewable memory
  • Automatic shut off function (30 minutes of non-use)
  • Battery life approx 200 -500 hours
  • Low battery indicator
  • IP65 waterproof case


Conductivity K = 0,475  
Range Resolution Accuracy
0.0 to 475µS/cm 0.1µS/cm ±1% of reading +2µS/cm
475 to 4750µS/cm 1µS/cm ±1% of reading +5µS/cm
4.75 to 47,50mS/cm 0,01mS/cm ±1% of reading +0,05mS/cm
47,5 to 200,0mS/cm 0,1mS/cm ±2,5% of reading +0,5mS/cm

Conductivity K = 0,1  
Range Resolution Accuracy
0.00 to 99,99µS/cm 0.01µS/cm ±1% of reading
100 to 200µS/cm 0,1µS/cm ±1% of reading

Range Resolution Accuracy
0.0 to 70,0 ppt 0.1 ppt ±0,2 % Full Scale

Range Resolution Accuracy
-10.0 to 90,0 °C 0.1 °C ±0,2 % or ±4% Full Scale
whichever is greater

Reference Temp.: From 15,0 to 25,0°C, default is 25,0°C  
Temperature Coefficient: From 0.00 to 4,00 °C, default is 1,91°C  
TDS Constant: From 0,30 to 1.00, default is 0,65  
Cell Constant 4 wire conductivity cell: K = 0,475  
ATC Thermistor, 10K ohms, at 25°C  
Power 9 Volt battery  
Size (LxWxD) (mm) 196x70x37  
Weight (g) 0,26 kg (Battery included)  

Code Description
BOE 5190480 Portable Coductivity/Salinity/TDS/Temperature Meter, Model CT-480 in carrying case with 4-wire Conductivity Cell 3020P with 6 PIN connector, K=0,475 (50µS - 200mS/cm)

Optional Conductivity Cell

Code Description
BOE 5190109 2-wire Conductivity Cell 109P with 6 PIN connector, K=0,1 (0,0 - 200,0µS/cm)

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