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BOECO Zoom Stereo Microscope BSZ-405

Specification BSZ-405:
Optical system: Binocular head inclined at 45°
Interpupillary Distance 55 - 75 mm
Eyepiece dioptric adjustment range ± 5D
Working distance: 97 mm
Field of View: 20,0 to 4.4 mm diam.
Eyepiece: EWF 10X/20 eyepieces
Zoom Optics: 1X to 4,5X , Zoom ratio 1:4,5
Illumination: 2-way illumination
LED 1,2W Reflected (upper) illumination
LED 0,7W Transmitted (lower) illumination
Stage Plate: Frosted glass stage plate 9 cm and black/white reversible stage plate
Base: Stable 262 x 185 mm base, fitted with anti-skid rubber feet
Main Body 360° rotatable
Dimensions: 185 (W) x 262 (L) x 315 (H) mm, Netweight 4,5/4,8 kgs
Power: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Code Description Head Plug
BOE 4050.000 BSZ-405 Binocular Euro
BOE 4050.001 BSZ-405 Binocular US
BOE 4050.300 BSZ-405/T Trinocular Euro
BOE 4050.301 BSZ-405/T Trinocular US


Code Description
BOE 3460.020 Wide Field Eyepiece WF 20x/12 with diopter adjustment
BOE 4050.002 Auxiliary Objective 2x, for BSZ-405 and BS-80
BOE 4050.007 Auxiliary Objective 0,75x, for BSZ-405 and BS-80

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