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BOECO Spectrophotometers S-200 VIS & S-220 UV/VIS

The BOECO S-220 (UV/VIS) and S-200 (VIS) are high quality, compact, low cost measurement systems for daily analysis in education, QC and basic research.

BOECO Life Science Spectrophotometer S-300

The BOECO S-300 life science spectrophotometer allows measurement of nucleic acid oncentrations and purity (using ratio function) including protein concentrations. As a high quality spectrophotometer, the S-300features touch screen operation packaged

BOECO Micro UV-VIS Spectrophotometer models N-1 & N-1C

The Micro UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is a conventional laboratory equipment, not only widely used in molecular biological experiments, such as DNA, RNA, protein detection, but also used in absorbance detection for the general substance analysis. It includes three common detections to the nucleic acids, nucleic acid markers and proteins.

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