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BOECO Gas Burner Fuego SCS


is a new standard among laboratory gas burners. With its innovative design this laboratory gas urner is suitable for all flame related applications in the laboratory.

Technology: Microprocessor

Foot pedal: Standard (flame during pressed foot pedal)
Start-Stop with timer, 60 min
Button: Start-Stop with timer, 60 min

Safety features  
Safety Control System (SCS) with gas safety cut off: ignition and flame control temperature monitor burner head clogging and assembly monitor (BHC) automatic unit switch off, 4 h residual heat display

Gas supply and consumption  
Gas connection: 1/4” left with gas filter
Gas types: natural gas E/LL, 18 - 25 mbar;
liquid gas II2ELL3B/P, 20 - 50 mbar
Connected load: 70 g/h liquid gas
Continuous cartridge operation: CV 360 - 40 min, Express 444 -50 min
CG 1750 - 150 min, C 206 - 170 min
CP 250 - 210 min, CV 470 - 370 min

Flame temperature: 1350 °C on liquid gas ;1300 °C on natural gas (E)

Power consumption: 2VA
Power connection: 100 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz / max 0,3 A 9 V DC / 1A

Casing and operation controls: stainless steel / glass, UV and solvent resistant
Cover of burner shaft: Ø 23 mm, with drains
Size (w x h x d): 103 x 49 x 130 mm
Weight: 700 g

DIN-DVGW Reg.-No: NG-2211AS0167
CE: EN 61326-1, EN61000-3-2, EN 61010
EEC guidelines: 89/336/EEC, 73/23/EEC

BOE 8201000BOECO Fuego SCS basic, Safety Laboratory gas burner with button function and foot pedal, 3 standard- programs for button (function knob) and foot pedal SCS (Safety Control System) with BHC (Burner Head Control), Removable and decomposable burner head Tild mechanism, right / left, Holding device for 3 inoculation loop holders. Nozzles for natural gas, propane / butane gas, Turbo flame Wrench 17 mm for gas connection, Screwdriver for burner head and cover of burner shaft. Tubing connector with swivel nut, Switching power supply


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