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BOECO Inverted Biological Microscope BIB-100

Optical System: Infinity corrected system, field diameter 22 mm
Viewing Head: Bino- or Trinocular Head, 30° 360° rotatable, Interpupillary Distance 48 - 75 mm
Nosepiece: Quintuple revolving nosepiece
Eyepiece: High-point, Extra Wide FieldEyepiece EW 10X /22 mm
Objectives: LWD Infinity corrected Plan Achromat Objective 4X/0,1WD 28 mm
  LWD Infinity corrected Plan Achromat Objective 40X/0,8WD 2.1 mm
  Infinity corrected Plan Achromat Phase Objective 10X/0,25WD 10 mm
  Infinity corrected Plan Achromat Phase Objective 20X/0,4WD 5.1 mm
Condenser: ELWD condesner NA 0.3. LWD 72 mm (without condenser 150 mm)
Centering Centering Telescope 30 mm diam. Telescope Phase Annulus 10X -20X Phase Annulus Plate
Stage: PlainStage 160 x 250 mm, Glass Insert AuxilaryStage 70 x 180 mm, Attachable Mechanical Ruler
Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment. Vertical objective movement,
  Coarses stroke 37.7 mm per rotation,Fine Stroke: 0,2 mm per Rotation
Filter: Diameter 45 mm, blue, green and ground glass
Illumination: 12V 30W Halogen lamp, light intensity adjustable.
Body: Innovative stand structure
Power: Inbuilt power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Weight: Net weight 11,0 / 11,7 kgs.
Supplied with: Dust cover, immersion oil and instruction manual

Code Description Head Plug
BOE 5000.900 BIB-100 Binocular Euro
BOE 5000.901 BIB-100 Binocular US
BOE 5000.930 BIB-100/T Trinocular Euro
BOE 5000.531 BIB-100/T Trinocular US

Optional Accessories

Code Description
BOE 5000.220 Terasaki Holder
BOE 5000.221 35 mm diam. Petri dish holder
BOE 5000.222 54 mm diam. Slide glass holder
BOE 5000.906 Inverted Fluorescent Attachment for BIB-100, without objectives

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