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Viscometers are present in different industrial sectors - chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and print industry - to measure viscosity beneath others of products like: adhesives, paints and coatings, inks, dairy products, hot wax, solvents, paper, pulp, gel, asphalt, chocolate, varnish, oils.

The BRV 3000 comes with under- and over range warning signal, RS 232 interface, temperature probe (PT 100) and has a digital display for direct reading of the following parameters:

Two different versions are available “L” for low to medium viscosity and “R” for medium to high viscosity.

They will be supplied with PC based Software “ViscosoftBasic”, which allows to download data directly from the Viscometer. Measured values are shown in a chart and can be saved in Excel format for posterior evaluation.

Scope of Delivery:
The BRV 3000 is supplied as a complete system in a very robust carrying case, incl. stand, a complete set of standard spindles with storage rack (4 spindles with version L and 6 spindles with version R), spindle guard, temperature sensor, ViscosoftBasic Software, calibration certificate and user manual.

Speed selected: rpm
Spindle used: Spindle Reference
Dynamic viscosity: mPas or CP
Full scale percentage:%
Sample temperature:°C or °F
Auto range to display viscosity limits:mPas or CP
Code Description
BOE 8803001 BOECO BRV 3000 Rotary Viscometer L Version - for low to medium viscosity 3 - 2.000.000 mPas in 76 ranges 19 speeds with 4 spindles. 100-240V, 50-60Hz
BOE 8803003BOECO BRV 3000 Rotary Viscometer R Version - for medium to high viscosity 20 - 13.000.000 mPas in 114 ranges 19 speeds with 6 spindles. 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Optional accessories:
BOE 8803007 Special Spindel R1 applicable to version R. It allows to extend the lower viscosity limit: 5 - 33.000 mPas/cP
BOE 8803100 Adapter for low viscosity materials incl. coaxial spindle
BOE 8803110Adapter for low viscosity materials with integrated temperature sensor
BOE 8803200Adapter for small sample volumes
BOE 8803210 Adapter for small sample volumes with integrated temperature sensor
BOE 8803202 Special Spindel Set V1 L (TL5-TL7) for adapter for small sample volumes
BOE 8803203Special Spindel Set V1 R (TR8-TR11) for adapter for small sample volumes
BOE 8803201 Adapter for helicoidal movement