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Stainless Steel Manifolds

Applicable for microbiology test filtration in food, pharmaceutical, beverage industries. Medium purification in life science labs. General filtration for aqueous samples. Suspended solid test filtration for municipal surface ground and drinking water
SpecificationMV 3 MV 6
Number of branches: 36
Effective filtration area:47 mm / 50 mm47 mm / 50 mm
Port thread:8 mm (5/16 inch)8 mm (5/16 inch)
Dimensions: (h x w x d) 48x13x16cm85x13x16cm
Stainless steel (SS316)Pipe - Control valve - Vent valve - Hose barbPipe - Control valve - Vent valve - Hose barb
Aluminium: Handles - Knob of control valveHandles - Knob of control valve
FKM: Seals of control valve - Vent valve - Hose barbSeals of control valve - Vent valve - Hose barb
Code Description
BOE 18030061 3-branch stainless steel (SS316) manifold MV 3 with 3 x stainless steel funnels 100 ml
BOE 18060061 6-branch stainless steel (SS316) manifold MV 6 with 6 x stainless steel funnels 100 ml


Code Description
BOE 16710311 Stainless steel cover for 100 ml stainless steel funnel
BOE 19010071 Adapter for silicone stoppers No.8, for use with MF3

ADAPTER BOE 19010071 to enable the use of the Magnetic filter holders MF3 instead of the st.steel funnels at the above manifolds.

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