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Magnetic Filter Holders

our MF series magnetic filter holders are designed with double-layer magnets to ensure a tight seal between the funnel and support base. The innovative design of a hose fitting detachable to the support base can allow a direct connection to the vacuum source and a flexible use with various kinds of vacuum flasks and bottles. Constructed of Polyether sulfone (PES) material, the MF series filter holders are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and high temperature. They are sturdy and autoclavable.
SpecificationMF 3 MF 3a
Funnel Capacity: 300 ml 300 ml
Effective filtration area: 13,1 cm13,1 cm
Effective Diameter: 41 cm41 cm
Filter size: 47 cm47 cm
Fitting Size (tubing): Ø 4-8 mmØ 4-8 mm
Graduation increment: 50 ml50 ml
Dimensions: (Ø x H) 9 x17 cm9 x 10,4 cm
Net Weight: 350 g 300 g
Polyether sulfone (PES):Funnel body, Funnel base, Hose fitting, Support screenFunnel body, Funnel base, Hose fitting, Support screen
Silicone rubber: Sealing gasket, Sealing plugSealing gasket, Sealing plug
Lid kit: PP (Polypropylene construction with PTFE syringe filterPP (Polypropylene construction with PTFE syringe filter
BOE 20300010 Magnetic Filter Holder 300ml MF3 with lid, long stem and silicone stopper
BOE 20310010Filter cartridge

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