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Mixer, Stirrer and Rotator

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Mixer, Stirrer and Rotator

BOECO Vortex Mixer V 1 Plus

Vortex mixer V1 plus with variable speed control.

BOECO Vortex Mixer V2H

Heavy Vortex high speed mixer with brushless otor, digital display and optional attachments.

BOECO Combi-Spin FVL-2400N Plus

this combination of a centrifuge and a vortex mixer for Micro test tubes is specially designed for the genetic engineering researches (especially forPCR-diagnostics experiments).

BOECO Rotator Bio RS-24

Mini-rotator with vertical rotation of the platform for soft mixing of test tubes, microtubes and vacutainers. Incl. Standard platform PRS-22 for 22 tubes up to 15 mm diam.

BOECO Rotator Multi Bio RS-24

is a intelligent rotator for soft mixing microtubes and vacutainers

BOECO Blood Tube Rotator BTR 16

our compact designed BTR 16 with its circular rotating action gives gentle but effective mixing

BOECO Tube Roller TR-6

the microprocesor conrolled BOECO TR-6 provides gentle rocking and rolling motion.

BOECO Magnetic Stirrer MMS 3000

Motor drive magnetic stirrer MMS-3000, with stainless steel plate and speed regulation up to 3000 rpm.

BOECO Magnetic Stirrer MSH 140, MSH 140 Digital

Motor drive Magnetic stirrer with ceramic coated stainless steel hot plate for simultaneously stirring and heating of chemical reagents. „Hot-Surface“ alert indicator light when the plate temperature exceeds 50°C

BOECO Magnetic Stirrer MSH 420

Motor drive Magnetic stirrer with all in one glass-ceramic hot plate for simultaneously stirring and heating of chemical reagents.

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