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SYRINGE FILTERS - Sartorius« brand
Pore sizeCodeColor CodePack of
0,20 ÁmSAR 16534-Kblue50
0,45 ÁmSAR 16555-Kyellow50
Pore size0,20 Ám0,45 Ám
Color codeblueyellow
MembraneCellulose AcetateCellulose Acetate
Diameter25 mm25 mm
Filter aerea5,3 cm25,3 cm2
Idle Volume0,1 ml0,1 ml
Bubble Point3,2 bar1,6 bar
Max. Pressure4,5 bar4,5 bar
Burst Strength6 bar6 bar
Max. temperature50 ░C50 ░C
Flow Rate (water)60 ml/min180 ml/min
InletLuer lockLuer lock
OutletLuer lockLuer lock
Presentationsterile, individually packedsterile, individually packed